Company Issued Asset Manager

A central location to identify assets and their details like cost, end of life & purchased date. Gain key insights into equipment assigned to employees, previously assigned, and unassigned.
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Exceptional features,
superior visibility.

Do you still use spreadsheets and outdated inventory software to track the status of your company issued equipment?

With Asset Manager, you can keep track of your company's equipment along with asset assignments, purchase price & dates, asset notes, and many other features to maximize your business's benefits and ROI.

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Full History

Each asset maintains true and accurate history into its assignment history, maintaining clear records of use, condition and lifecycle.

Cost Analysis

Understand costs easily at anytime. Clearly see each assets purchase cost, purchase date and anticipated end-of-life dates.

Maintain Notes

Ensure you and your team stay on top of asset conditions, tracking numbers, and other key information for reference at any given time.

Life Cycle Management

When assets are about to reach end of life, you and your team know when to replace them, giving you the ability to budget accordingly.

Looking for an Asset Storage & Retrieval option?

We are offering a limited access beta program enabling fully remote companies to store unassigned
company issued equipment at our warehouse. We'll even handle shipping and receiving for your employees
and setup of Windows and Mac Devices into your MDM solution.

See what team leaders are saying about us

“Accessed Space is a fantastic service provider to not only help to define and organize the software we use, but also helping Credit Suite list all the equipment we issue to our 100% remote staff team members. Thank you Accessed Space!”

Tisha W. Head of Human Resources at Credit Suite
Tisha Woolf

“Love the software. It has helped us really get organized with our business assets. Before I was trying to manage everything with Google Sheets that I shared with my team, kind of a nightmare. But glad I made the switch, its already saved us time and helped us locate assets that were not documented.“

Andrew P. Owner at MyWebChef
Andrew Page with MyWebChef

“My ability to have a birds-eye view of all the software tools I use has greatly aided me in staying organized and on top of tools like marketing, compliance, and banking. In addition, I use the asset functions to keep track of when I purchase equipment and when I might want to upgrade or retire my equipment purchases.”

Tyrel T. Owner at Treasure State Poultry
Treasure State Poultry (Tyrel Thurston)
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My Web Chef
Credit Suite
Idaho Central Credit Union

Let us eliminate all the guesswork, and free yourself from your spreadsheets.