Task Management

Save time and stay on schedule by delegating and tracking tasks. Say goodbye to losing work or scrambling to track down information.
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Bring your tasks,
together in one place.

Do you still use spreadsheets and sticky-notes? Always be in the know with immediate task updates and comments.
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Organize tasks based on task categories such as onboarding, new software, offboarding and more.


Assign tasks back and fourth between your users. Collaborate and communicate effectively and efficiently while maintaining history.

Task History

Store all your completed and solved tasks to be referred to at a later time if needed.


Tasks come with priority. Organize tasks with levels of importance for priority.

See what team leaders are saying about us

“Accessed Space is a fantastic service provider to not only help to define and organize the software we use, but also helping Credit Suite list all the equipment we issue to our 100% remote staff team members. Thank you Accessed Space!”

Tisha W. Head of Human Resources at Credit Suite
Tisha Woolf

“Love the software. It has helped us really get organized with our business assets. Before I was trying to manage everything with Google Sheets that I shared with my team, kind of a nightmare. But glad I made the switch, its already saved us time and helped us locate assets that were not documented.“

Andrew P. Owner at MyWebChef
Andrew Page with MyWebChef

“My ability to have a birds-eye view of all the software tools I use has greatly aided me in staying organized and on top of tools like marketing, compliance, and banking. In addition, I use the asset functions to keep track of when I purchase equipment and when I might want to upgrade or retire my equipment purchases.”

Tyrel T. Owner at Treasure State Poultry
Treasure State Poultry (Tyrel Thurston)
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My Web Chef
Credit Suite
Idaho Central Credit Union

Let us eliminate all the guesswork, and free yourself from your spreadsheets.